Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bachelorette cottage weekend

Last weekend we spent our time with great friends out at the cottage. Everyone flew in to celebrate Kat's coed bachelorette party. The Morins from Long Island, the Grants from Minneapolis, the Bergers from Dallas and of course the soon-to-be McKees from San Diego. We cannot WAIT to celebrated their wedding the end of this month in California! Enjoy! 
Lots of boat time, wake boarding and tubing. 
One handed!
Grace made a quick appearance Saturday morning. It was so fun to show off my kid to my girlfriends who live all over the country. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Music Class

Dear Grace,
You and I have taken some type of Mommy and Me music class ever since our first session in London. You are inconsistent on being interested in playing with the other kids, as well as fully participating in class. You are a good listener and you love to help clean up the activity in between songs. I feel like you are an active listener. Even though you don't always participate in class, you'll come home and show off your dance moves. Your favorite part continues to be open play at the very end. 

I have decided to sign you up for another session, even though we're moving to Indiana. It will give us a weekly excuse to visit Gumball, who is being boarded for 5 weeks. :( My prenatal appointments will be every other week in a couple weeks. So I'm going to try to schedule them on the same day. Things will be a little crazier once your brother is born in the Fall so I LOVE the idea of continuing our Chicago class while it's still convenient. Who knows- maybe in a couple weeks I'll look back and think I'm crazy! I'm currently on the hunt for a similar class closer to our new home in Munster, IN. If anyone knows of anything, I would love to hear about it. Enjoy!
Love, Mommy
My little drummer girl.

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