Sunday, September 30, 2012

Baby #2 Pregnancy

With today being my due date, I thought it was appropriate to post a recap of my pregnancy via the cheesy pregnancy pictures. Enjoy!
29 weeks 
32 weeks
36 weeks 
37 weeks 
38 weeks 
39 weeks
40 weeks

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Libbie's birthday

Even though Connor currently shares his due date with his Aunt Libbie's birthday, we wanted to make sure we properly celebrated her 25th birthday. That's why Matt rounded up her immediate family for a home cooked meal at Grandma and Papa's. 
Happy 25th birthday, Libbie.
We love you! 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tiggers don't hop

...they bounce!
Even though I already have an idea for your and Connor's Halloween costumes, I couldn't resist getting Tigger for you and Winnie the Pooh for Connor at Once Upon a Child. They were both 50% off their originally low prices totaling a whopping $6. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A is for Animals

Dear Grace,
Last Friday we went to the FREE petting zoo at Scheerings Farms in Highland, IN with Ms. Julie and Ellie. On Monday we went to Brookfield Zoo with the Buckley girls to celebrate Cayla's 3rd birthday. It has been pretty easy coming up with "A" activities and trips during the month of September. With very little effort we have stumbled across several things around the house and while we have been out and about that start with A. Enjoy!
Love, Mommy 
A is for Animals.
Action shot of you feeding the donkeys. Your face is priceless!
Two girlfriends hanging out.
You and Ellie weren't very excited about the pumpkin photo opp. I handed you the pumpkin and you literally put it down and signed "all done." :) 
After giving you a couple options you picked out the perfect pumpkin to take home. It's all about giving you choices (aka ownership) at this age.
You girls wanted to feed the animals one more time before we left.
Brookfield Zoo
All three girls already entertained before we even entered the zoo.
What better way to start the day at the zoo than with a carousel ride. It wasn't easy taking this picture with my phone.
The birthday girl checked in on you all day. "How's Grace? What is Grace doing? I think Grace wants to too." You've recently started holding hands with other kids and hugging them goodbye. What an adorable stage.

What  a different experience going to the zoo during the week than on the weekends. It felt like we had the entire place to ourselves. This snow lion kept making hot laps right in front of you kiddos. 
Oooooo...look at the dolphins. 
Happy 3rd birthday, Cayla. Thanks for inviting us to a fun day at the zoo to celebrate you. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

new baby gift

Dear Grace,
We've all been preparing for your little brother's arrival day with his due date being this Sunday. He'll have a gift waiting for you at the hospital so I thought it was only appropriate for you to make him a gift as well. 
Love, Mommy 

newborn onesie 
Crayola fabric markers 

You started off coloring on the onesie and newspaper so nicely. I was especially impressed with your straight lines across the arms. 
...until you discovered how much more fun it is to color your hand!
Surprisingly, it easily washed off your skin. Your shirt was another story. This blue and white striped number is your new crafting outfit. 
Time to wrap your little brother's birthday gift. 
As people have stopped by, you've had a blast showing off the homemade present you're going to give baby Connor at the hospital. 

A is for Apple

Dear Grace,
After stocking up on apples a couple weekends ago at Garwoods Farms, we have started talking about the letter A. You've been eating an apple a day and have done two painting projects with apple halves. We even found foam apples and a bag in the $ section at Target. Enjoy!
Love, Mommy
Stoplight Apple Art
The first art project was at Miss Dawn's inclusion art class. Daddy took you this month since I had a Stella and Dot trunk show. You made a stop sign together. 
Apple Painting
The second art project was with the Proffitts. My other teacher friends got a kick out of watching you three. JP (3 yrs) was the only one who did his by himself. You (21 mo) were more interested in running around and taking off your diaper until you discovered how fun it is to make foot prints with the paint. Brecken (1 yr) just wanted to keep eating his apple halves. 
You were so excited to wear JP's car shirt. 
I LOVE the progression of these pictures.
A is for Apple.
Apple Counting
The Target $ section had this cute apple bag and foam apples. There were conveniently 10 foam apples, which fit perfectly inside your bag. Number them 1-10, and ta-da you have a homemade Montesory activity. 
More to name activity, apple person and A is for animals.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Girls' Night

Dear Grace,
Wednesdays are Aunt Libbie's day off and she has been choosing to hang out with us/help me out now that it's the homestretch of my pregnancy. 

This past Wednesday we took our turn and went to visit her in the city. You spent the afternoon with her while I went to a prenatal massage and my weekly doctor appointment. Enjoy!
Love, Mommy

(upper left) Aunt Libbie and I didn't realize you left her apartment with her necklace until we were in the elevator. (upper right) You were more interested in playing with the kid chopsticks instead of trying the sushi and edamame. 
Since our girl's night was a sleepover, Aunt Libbie was able to capture two adorable pictures for us. (lower left) you crawl up on top of my baby bump to snuggle before I put you down to bed. (lower right) When someone asks you where your baby brother or Connor is, you either point to my belly or give him a kiss! Precious! 
It's fuzzy, but you can hear the cuteness...
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