Friday, April 29, 2011

Daddy and me

Daddy has been on the phone a lot lately for work.

bunny ears- ridiculous

...and then Mommy decided to push her luck with me. Just wait until I can tell her how ridiculous she is!
PS The bunny ears just got came in the mail this week- a little late for Easter...oops!

"HELP me!!!!"

all smiles

Dear Michelle & Doug,
Thank you for my adorable "grace" shirt. I love it so much, it made me smile and giggle! I can't wait to see you next weekend.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Grace has a posy about her on another blog that's all about puppies...FACETIME !
click on the picture to check out the blog

bubbles, baby, and puppy

Check out the newest Youtube baby video clip. Should they be conserned that their dog is eating bubbles? Part of me can't wait until we're big kids and have a house so we can get a big dog. Maybe then I will stop petting every dog that walks past me...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Play date- Adley twins

Yesterday, Grace and I had a lovely play date with the beautiful Adley family. Kristen and I had wonderful adult conversations- she is such an  amazing Mom. Her boys adore her. I feel lucky that we have become such good friends and that we are able to exchange Mommy advice. I just love how laid back and open we are able to be with each other. I sure am going to miss out day time hang outs once the 2011-2012 school year begins...

Baby's 1st Easter

Happy first Easter, Grace. We went to mass at Holy Name and brunch at Ditka's restaurant with the Nierengartens (great bloody Marys) and then went to Great-Aunt Betsy's to celebrate with the Thompsons. Future Uncle Matt captured a great clip and picture of Aunt Libbie hanging out with you. You were all smiles on Sunday. Your second cousin, Becky even decorated an egg for you. Great Aunt Joni brought her well-behaved black Lab, Amy, who had no interest in you at all. Your Great-great-Aunt Betty and your 3rd cousin, Chris met you for your first time. After our long day with family all three of us were exhausted and crashed as soon as we got home.


Libbie's bridal shower

Matt's sister, Megan, and their Mom, Patti, through Libbie a bridal shower in their home town, Sullivan, IN. I absolutely adore Matt's family- so warm and welcoming! They sincerely love Libbie and are welcoming her into her family. What more could you ask for your little sister. (Sorry Lib- I know you hate when I say you're my "little, younger" sister.)
 The Thompson girls- I am sooooo excited for Libbie's wedding!
Libbie with her and her future husband's sisters and Moms.
 Libbie sandwich- between both Pattis- her Mother and future mother-in-law!
Susan and Megan made Libbie the most adorable shower gifts. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Play dates

Grace and I have had two play dates this week. Kristin and William joined us at our first play date at Andrea and Devon's home. Andrea shared this hilarious article from a fellow Mommy Blogger- Working Moms vs. Stay-at-home Moms-- Worst Cage Match Ever. It makes fun of both sides.
Last night we went over to the Proffitt's house to hang out with some of my teacher friends. Jamie brought Natalie and the twins, who basically weigh nothing compared to Grace. JP couldn't stop staring at Grace who continuously smiled back at him once she woke up. Maybe she loves her fellow red-heads?
How cute is JP and his Mommy? He lifted up Kristen's shirt, pointed at her belly while saying, "baby," and then kissed it! I bet you wouldn't know she is 5 months pregnant unless I told you.
Rose's daughter, Katie got to meet and hold Grace for her first time. After visiting my classroom, Katie started playing special ed teacher at home- love her!
This is an adorable  remake clip of Brice's video- This is Indiana. The last minute is my favorite part! Just in case you don't know what I'm talking about, I've also added the original music video. 
"Absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind that Grace will be listening to those songs on future IU trips." - Michael

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Watch Me Grow


Happy 4 months, Grace! I'm a little late on posting this, but I wasn't in love with any of the sticker pictures. She becomes more alert and fun everyday. Her personality continues to develop. She is a laid back, happy and calm baby (for the most part). Here are a couple things she is now doing...
  • She continues to "talk" back and forth with you- Daddy is still the best at getting Grace to do this. She uses her vowel sounds and even says, "Wa." 
  • She is able to grab and pull on objects near her such as her hanging wooden stroller toy, things hanging from her farm activity set, and objects you place in front of her.  
  • She hasn't started putting everything she grabs in her mouth yet, but she does suck her thumb and sometimes even her entire fist.
  • She is still sleeping through the night, however the past 5 consecutive nights she has woken up for a middle of the night feeding. 3 of those 5 nights weren't in her bed. We have tried to keep her up a little later, but she gets pretty fussy and is ready for bed around 6:30 PM.  
  • Every morning she wakes up the happiest baby who just looks at me and continuously smiles! :) my favorite...
  • She immediately rolls over if she is placed on her tummy- tummy time is starting to pay off! She seems to be so close to rolling from back to belly. She is able to reach out and grab something or suck her hand while on her tummy.
  • Kelly Bell lent us Emma's Baby Einstein DVDs and Grace loves them! If she's going to be addicted to TV, she might as well watch something like Baby Einstein.
Who do you think Grace looks like? Mommy? Daddy? Neither? A combo of both?
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