Wednesday, June 22, 2011

101 Dalmatians

Dear Grace,

We took you on your first adventure walk for families through London. You and I stumbled into Regent's Park after your 6 month pediatrician appointment. There are so many beautiful parks and gardens in London, but this one has been my favorite. We just had to go back with Daddy and our camera. When I checked our family travel book, I was excited to find Regent's Park was one of the 25 adventurous walks. Enjoy

Love, Mummy
Walk #9- 101 Dalmatians in Regent's Park
"The Adventure- The 101 Dalmatians is Dodie Smith's story of two Dalmations, Pongo and Missis Pongo (Perdita in the film) and their pets, Mr. and Mrs. Dearly. In the original 1956 book, Mr. Dearly is a financial whizz who has wiped out the National Debt, and by way of thanks the Government has decreed that he never has to pay tax again. In the film, he is transformed into the rather less affluent Roger Radcliffe, a struggling musician and composer. However they both live on the Outer circle of Regent's Park in a grand house that can be identified in real life as 1 St Andrew's Place. Both versions of the story have a role for the evil, rich, Cruella de Vil, with half her hair black and half white, who steals the Pongos' Dalmatian puppies to make herself a fine fur coat.

This walk takes you from the house through Regent's Park, passing the pond and bridge where, in the film, bachelors Roger and Pongo meet their loves, Anita and Perdita. For an authentic recreation of the movie, go in early spring when the park is full of daffodils. Pass London Zoo and walk up to the top of Primrose Hill, where the dogs spread the word about the missing puppies at Twilight Barking and discover that they have been taken to the country. And here the adventure begins as the Dalmatians set off in search of the lost puppies; they finally bring them home, along with scores of others, to the Dearly/Radcliffe household."
1 St Andrew's Place
"This is the house where Pongo lived. Every day he and his master would take a walk in the park." 
"Times have changed and no dogs are allowed in this part of the park, unfortunately." 
"Turn on to the Broad Walk with its urns and fountains and follow the line of trees to Chester Road at the top. Enjoy wandering through while the children dart between the topiary and the formal hedging." 
"From chester Road, turn left and cross through the golden gates. Immediately turn left into Queen Mary's Rose Garden, one of the finest collections of roses in England." *This is the beginning of the area I was excited to come back to with Daddy. 
Grace wasn't feeling very photogenic and I was trying my best.
"Ahead is a pond with ducks, willow trees and a little island to explore."
"Follow the path around the pond. Look for the arched bridge: this is the spot where Pongo fell in love- and into the pond." 
"The path leads to a wide, straight avenue, with a cafe ahead of you. Turn left, walking out of the gate and on to the Inner Circle. Turn right and walk around the road until you reach the stage door for the Open Air Theater ."
Grace, at this point we got distracted and decided to leave Regent's Park and head toward Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. You and I will come back to this park to finish the adventure walk. We have yet to see "Primrose Hill, where the dogs barked across London that led to the tracking down of the Dalmatian puppies."

to be continued...

This story is from the book, Tales of a city- London Adventure Walks for Families By: Becky Jones & Clare Lewis 


  1. All the pictures of the parks you have been to are really beautiful! That must be so wonderful to have that around you :) You can also see how big Grace is getting!

  2. This park is GORGEOUS! I love reading your posts, I feel like I am getting a tour of London myself. Grace is getting so big, we miss you guys!


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