Friday, December 16, 2011

heart craft

Thanks to Pinterest and Moorea Seal, I stumbled across this adorable way to spread kindness and compassion. She made this inexpensive gift for her father's birthday. After sewing the hearts, she hid them and told him every time he finds one, he will hopefully think of her and how much she loves him. Talk about a tear jerker and a gift that keeps on giving. She presented the gift with a mason jar (who doesn't love mason jars?) and a simple note tied with a ribbon. 

My thoughts- This would make the perfect, Valentine's day, homemade only xmas, or just anytime gift for someone you love. I think anyone would appreciate it: a grandparent, parent, kid, spouse, etc. I also though it would be fun to fill it with a delicious scent. Maybe lavender? 

Check out Moorea's website for more creative ideas. 
I shared this idea with my old coworkers and they went with it. Using their school resources, I'm pretty sure they followed through with this idea the same day I sent it to them. 
One of my closest coworkers even came up with this ADORABLE poem. Isn't she talented? It probably took her 5 seconds to think of it. She's one of those. :) 
If you can't read the pictures which were sent to me, let me know and I'll add that to this post.

PS Does this count as following through with my 1st Pinterest crafty project? :) 

PPS Moments like these make me miss being in the 5th grade hallway at Kahler Middle School

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