Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Carving a pumpkin

Dear Grace,
Since you were only 10 months old and living in London last Halloween season, you carved your first pumpkin this year. You carving your first pumpkin realistically entailed me doing all the work and you helping by collecting the seeds.  Thank you, Dada for being our photographer. Enjoy!
Love, Mommy
I love how your back curls keep multiplying. 
The most exploring you did was smelling the pumpkin goop. Smelling everything is a trait you're quickly picking up from me.
Time to draw the face for our soon to be jack-o-lantern.
The final product...

Adley-Proffitt play date

Dear Connor and Grace,
Last week was Fall break for my teaching friends. We took full advantage of their time off by getting together with the Adleys and Proffitts. Grace was the only girl surrounded by five handsome boys. Enjoy! 
It is so much easier said than done to get 5 little ones to look up, let alone at a camera. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Body parts

Dear Grace,
You love showing people that you can point out Connor's different body parts. I was able to capture a couple of them while "Ma" was over the other day. Enjoy!
Love, Mommy 
Chin                               Nose
Grandma's hair

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vetors and Wilsons meet Connor

Dear Connor,
The Vetor and Wilson families came up to meet you last weekend. It was our first time having overnight guests other than family. Mr. Andy and Mr. Andrew are two of Daddy's best friends from college. We have been able to meet each other's kids pretty close after you've all been born. Enjoy!
Love, Mommy
Sam Vetor- 2 1/2 yrs. old, Grace- 22 mo, Arianna Wilson- 8 mo.
Will Vetor- 6 wks., Connor- 2 wks.
Look how smiley little Miss Arianna is in this picture. :)
Connor, this was Grace's first time holding you by herself.
Big sisters kissing their little brothers.
The men took the girls down the block to the park. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Winnie the Pooh

Dear Grace,
When Connor gave you a gift in the hospital the day you met him, you showed very little interest in Eeyore and Piglet. However, since we've been home from the hospital, you include them in every step of your day. Enjoy!
Love, Mommy
You've recently started pretend playing with your stuffed animals. 
Rock-a-bye Piglet and Eeyore...
You even include them in your wagon rides. You make sure they're nice and safe by putting on their seat belts. 
And of course, they also go to bed with you.

Cloud dough

1/4 cup baby oil (I've also heard of people using olive oil, coconut oil, etc. I just really like the smell of baby oil) 
4 cups flour
other items for play 

What adult does:
Mix baby oil and flour with a whisk and/or your hands. 

What kiddo does:
Play! Explore! Discover! 

Grace's favorite discoveries were whisking her cloud dough and filling/dumping the mini cups. Like most 'messy' activities we take outside, she's more excited to just run around in her new backyard initially. Sometimes I wonder if she just doesn't like getting too messy or if she's thrown off by different textures and consistencies. 
Just when Grace started becoming more interested in her sensory bin, she picked up this bowl and was no longer interested in the cloud dough. I think she was more excited to be able to identify and say bowl. Oh the simple things in life! 
Just like our green themed sensory tub, I didn't preplan to have this one red. I happened to pick up a red plastic bin at the $ dollar store and went from there when picking out items for Grace to play with from the kitchen. When asked, Grace says every color is blue and she doesn't really try to repeat any other colors I say. "blu, blu, blu..."
Original source: Babyberry 
My daughter's age at time of project: 21 mo.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

sibling love continued

Dear Grace and Connor,
Daddy was home with us for two weeks! He had a week paternity leave and then used a week of his vacation. Today is his first day back to work. He captured these sweet moments for you two rug rats yesterday before he headed back to work. Ever since we had Grace hold Connor for her first time on Sunday, she has continuously asked to hold her baby. Enjoy! 
Love, Mommy

Connor, you're wearing the shirt Grace made for you waiting for your arrival day. Click HERE to see her making it. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sibling Love

I'm such a big help.
Oh you have the camera out again? Cheeeeeeeese!

First Outing

Dear Grace and Connor,
Daddy and I literally traveled the world with one baby. The possibilities seemed endless. On day 7 of having two kids, I have to admit that I consider going to the pediatrician, one set of grandparents'  house, and walking a mile to a local park and back, our first adventures outings as a new family of four. Enjoy!
Love, Mommy

Ready for our long walk to one of the local parks.
S is for snake.
We ran into one of these little guys walking to the park and again on our way home.
Grace, it's so nice to be able to go down the slide with you again when you wave and say, "ahe ya" (aka come here). Especially, when you're polite and throw in a "eeeeease" (aka please) on the end.
Since we rushed out the door immediately following a feeding, Connor, you were content with just sleeping in the sun.
On our walk home, Grace had enough of facing backwards in her new stroller setup. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Rock a Bye Baby

Dear Grace and Connor,
I have to be honest, trying to figure out life with two kids is tough right now even having Daddy around. However, moments like this one that I was able to capture yesterday morning are going to make every exhausted moment worth it. Enjoy! 
Love, Mommy 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Hospital visitors

Dear Connor,
You are one lucky little guy, who has already been welcomed into this world by many important people in your life. Even though we decided for you to be delivered at Northwestern Prentice Women's Hospital in Chicago, many family members made the drive in to meet you. Enjoy!
Love, Mommy

Your big sister Grace was the first person (besides Daddy and me) to meet you. She came back into the room to introduce her baby brother to Grandma Patti, Aunt Libbie, Uncle Matt, and then later Aunt Jeryl.
Grandma Patti took a day off work to meet you and help out with your big sister, Grace. You were born on a Wednesday, which is Aunt Libbie's day off so she was able to hang out with Grace too.
Uncle Matt and Aunt Libbie were so excited to finally hold you.
My Aunt Jeryl welcomed you into the family.
Grandpa Den, Grammie Mo and Uncle Matt stopped by in the afternoon.
Daddy's Aunt Kathy is visiting all the way from Arizona so she came too! 
Papa Lon and Uncle Matthew came to meet you after work.
My cousin, Becky, stopped by after her nursing classes.
Father Mayall came by to meet and bless you. You'll see him again next month at your Baptism. 

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