Thursday, November 8, 2012


Dear Connor and Grace,
We had a wonderful first Halloween in our new home. Our family came over for dinner, which is hopefully going to be an annual tradition (at least until Uncle Matthew and Aunt Susan move into a  neighborhood with trick-or-treaters). Aunt Susan handed out candy and Grandma Patti watched Connor so Daddy and I could take Grace trick-or-treating for her first time. 
Love, Mommy 
P.S. Using a toddler on Halloween is the best way to go door to door and introduce yourself to your neighbors. 

In honor of Grace's current obsession with Winnie the Pooh our family dressed up as some of the characters...
...well, almost everyone in the family dressed up.
Connor's 1st Halloween
Grace's 1st candy experience 
Trick-or-Drinking Treating 
Yes, this is how I went around and met the neighbors and yes, you're allowed to make fun of me. 
Even though we spent a lot of time practicing, the extent of Grace's trick-or-treating was walking up to the doors, knocking and then saying nothing except bye. However, starting the day after Halloween, she randomly says knock, knock, trick-or-treat. Go figure! 
Thank you Grandma Patti, Papa Lon, Uncle Matthew, Aunt Susan, Aunt Libbie and Uncle Matt for our Radio Flyer wagon. It was a joint birthday gift for Connor and Grace. Uncle Matthew insisted they give it to you early to use on Halloween. It's been a huge hit around the house and brings back great memories of trick-or-treating in Munster when we were little. 
Thanks, Aunt Susan for carving the coolest pumpkin a two-year old Pooh fan could ever ask for.
Thanks Dawn for lending me your adult sized Tigger costume. It was so fun watching Grace's excitement when I came bouncing around the corner.

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